Hard‑Copy Revision

Are you looking for an editor who will correct a physical, printed manuscript?
Do you prefer hard‑copy editing instead of electronic editing?

Some might call this method old‑fashioned, but many writers would rather hire an editor to review their manuscript in printed form and make corrections with the classic red pen. Compare the benefits of each below to determine which method you prefer.

Benefits of hard‑copy editing:

  • ◾Author maintains total control over whether to apply or ignore the editor’s suggestions and all changes made to their manuscript, including formatting.
  • ◾Studies show that our brains process printed text more comprehensively and accurately than text on a screen. Overall, our eyes catch more mistakes in printed text than they do in text displayed on a screen.
  • ◾In addition to written corrections on the printed manuscript, the author receives a printed summary of customized suggestions and writing tips, along with an explanation of Chicago Style rules that relate to the corrections.
  • ◾By implementing the editor’s corrections and suggestions personally, the author has the opportunity to improve skills and learn more about the writing and editing process hands on.
  • ◾By default, your manuscript will be scanned and backup images retained until one week after you receive the printed, edited, and shipped manuscript, at which time the images will be deleted. You also have the choice to opt out of scanning.

For all electronic book editing, please see my main Services page.

Benefits of electronic editing:

  • ◾Typically a faster process overall.
  • ◾Editor formats manuscript for ebook and paperback - less work for the author.
  • ◾No printing or shipping charges.
  • ◾Editor implements changes - less work for the author.
  • ◾Easy to create and send a backup copy if author's electronic files are lost or corrupted.

Download the following form to estimate all costs related to my  Hard‑Copy Revision  service and get all the details about what to expect.


View document on a laptop, pc, or tablet. Do not view it in a pdf reader or you will not be able to fill it out. Do not open it on a phone. Open and fill out this form in one of the following programs. You may also print it using one of these programs and fill it out by hand.

  • Any version of Microsoft Word (preferred)
  • Google Docs
  • LibreOffice

Editing services included with my  Hard‑Copy Revision . Click buttons below to expand service details.

  • Copyediting and line editing corrections

    Copyediting (proofreading):

    Spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, pronouns, spacing, and verb-tense (allowing deviations for poetic license if applicable).

    Line editing:

    Eliminating redundancy and extraneous words and phrases, adjusting sentence and paragraph structure, rewriting run-on sentences, replacing overused words with synonyms, and substituting stronger alternatives for weak words, phrases, and sentences; suggestions related to poetry structure and rhyming (if applicable); related topic and term research, fact-checking.

  • Targeted developmental and structural feedback

    Developmental and structural feedback:

    Nonfiction books - Feedback about any issues related to tone, audience, details, logical order, clarity, consistency, structure, and transitions; suggestions about reorganization or subheadings.
    Fiction books - Feedback about any issues related to characters, plot, pacing, setting, dialogue, transitions, consistency, and craft.

  • Suggestions and guidelines for front or back matter

    Front/back matter:

    Title page, copyright page, dedication, epigraph, table of contents, foreword, preface, acknowledgements, introduction, prologue, epilogue, about the author page, references page, and appendix.

  • Printing, scanning, and shipping services

    Manuscript printing:

    Printing of unedited manuscript from electronic file (if requested).

    Manuscript scanning:

    Scanning of unedited manuscript and edited manuscript for temporary backup images.

    Manuscript shipping:

    Shipping of edited manuscript (required); shipping of scanned images on a flash drive (optional).

Steps of hard‑copy book editing process:

  • ●Author sends filled out form (above) and 4,000-word portion either by postal mail or email.
  • ●Editor sends quote and contract to Author either by postal mail or email.
  • ●Author notifies Editor by email that quote is accepted or declined.
  • ●If accepted, Editor sends invoice by email. Author pays deposit or full amount.
  • ●UNedited manuscript is either printed by the Author and shipped to the Editor OR printed by the Editor.
  • ●Editor scans UNedited manuscript and keeps images as temporary backup.
  • ●Editor begins editing printed manuscript.
  • ●Editor sends clarification questions to the Author either by postal mail or email. Author replies either by postal mail or email.
  • ●Editor finishes editing first half of printed manuscript and sends payment reminder OR finishes editing complete printed manuscript.
  • ●Editor scans edited printed manuscript and keeps images as a temporary backup. Editor sends the digital images of first half OR digital images of complete edited printed manuscript.
  • ●Editor ships first half of edited printed manuscript OR ships complete edited printed manuscript.
  • ●Author pays remaining balance (if applicable). Editor ships second half of edited printed copy (if applicable).
  • ●Editor sends digital images of second half of Edited printed manuscript to Author (if applicable).
  • ●Editor deletes all backup images one week after complete edited printed copy is received by Author.