“I was very pleased with Karolyn’s editing expertise. She was thoughtful, patient and gave good advice. Being a first time author, I appreciated her willingness to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I highly recommend her to any amateur writer considering publishing a book.”

-Charles Rielly, US, 2024

“Karolyn demonstrated a very professional approach. I'm immensely pleased with the result. Thank you!”

-Lukasz, Switzerland, 2024

“Karolyn took on an important project for us and provided a well-thought out first draft. She took the time to understand a very specialized subject and asked good questions that she sent with her first draft. After that, revisions were a breeze, and it took just two additional passes, with the second only being very minor concerns. Attentive, prompt, professional and easy to work with. We plan to work with her again.”

-Michael B., US, 2024

“Karolyn is the best editor that I have worked with.”

-H. Nguyen, Australia, 2024

“Karolyn was fantastic to work with. Being a new author, she guided me and listened to me. She was amazing to work with. Highly recommend.”

-Jodi C., US, 2023

“Karolyn was very professional and very helpful with my first publishing project, even suggesting things I wasn't aware of or didn't know I needed. Would definitely hire again!”

-Gretchen Z., US, 2023

“I enjoy collaborating with Karolyn. She has exceeded all my expectations as an editor and brought so much more to the table. Her skills and dedication have been truly invaluable.”

-T.Y. Klein, US, 2023

“Awesome editor!! Very professional. Karolyn completed the work on time and did a thorough job. I'm very pleased with the results; she really took care to make the manuscript the best it could be. I will definitely work with her in the future. ”

-D. B. Jagiel, US, 2023

“This was my first book, and I had no understanding of the process. Karolyn was very helpful in holding my hand through the process, and giving me constructive feedback. I'd absolutely use her again!”

-C. Logue, US, 2023

“I enjoyed working with Karolyn, she was communicative, timely in her deliverables, and did great work. Karolyn has an excellent eye for detail and incredibly clear communication style. She is also quick! I look forward to working with her again!”

-Ted Neill, US, 2023

“Amazing; she did the editing so perfectly! Cannot wait to work with her again!”

-Nabilah, UK, 2023

“I was terrified to begin this process and hand off something I'd spent so much time on. Karolyn went above and beyond to help me get this project across the finish line. Her patience with my ever-changing ideas and constant communication throughout the process was first-rate. I highly recommend her.”

-Todd R.B., US, 2023

“I've published seven books in the last three years with Karolyn as my editor. Karolyn's editing makes me look like a seasoned writer/pro. She is thorough, complete, and dependable. I have nothing but praise for her and strongly recommend her. You won't be disappointed.”

-Michael P. Lyons, US, 2023

“If you are looking for a world class editor, then look no further! Karolyn is a top-notch, first-rate professional who leaves no stone unturned! She is six cuts above the rest! An absolute star, and she makes me want to write another book just so that I can see what she does with it! She really is an industry leader, and I will never work with another editor again! Thank you, Karolyn for being you and for making my project shine!”

-Hayley K., US, 2023

“Karolyn connected with and fully understood the spirit behind my book, and she was able to establish a collaborative relationship that took her work to the highest level and quality possible. Her experience in the field of poetry is notorious, and her professionalism is unquestionable. I would recommend her for any editing job, and we will certainly work together again in the future.”

-Alberto Jordan, Chile, 2023

“As a writer, words are usually my thing, but when it comes to Karolyn, I am at a loss. I can't begin to describe how very, very talented she is or how extremely lucky I am to have found her! She is so thorough, so professional, so responsive, so organized, so timely, and so, so knowledgeable! The list goes on and on. This is the second book I've written, and I only wish that I had found her sooner. She really knows her stuff, and she doesn't miss a beat. My work is safe in her hands because I know that she is going to only make it better. I can't think of a single thing she could do to improve. Flawless! Thank you, Karolyn! You are a star!”

-H. Kaplan, US, 2023

“I’ve been working with Karolyn for 3+ years, and it’s been an amazing experience! I use services for proofreading website pages and children's books in the Figma app. She approaches every assignment with thoroughness and accuracy.

I’m very impressed with her editing qualifications, not to mention that all corrections take into account context and customary usage, and also include extensive notes on why an edit is required, or what other options are there if needed. Moreover, she’s always punctual, and the communication is highly professional. I can always rely on her, and it's a great pleasure to work together. I hope we will continue our cooperation, and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a website proofreader or editor.”

-Anna S., Russia/Vietnam, 2023

“Absolutely outstanding edit. My project reads so much better and so much more smoothly. Will definitely be returning in the future!”

-R. Sterling, US, 2023

“My eBook was greatly done by Karolyn; recommended.”

-Wayne V.Z, South Africa, 2023

“Karolyn is a top notch book editor with fast response time. She is wonderful to work with. She is a clear communicator, thoughtful, and knows her stuff. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money and hire Karolyn for your next project. Worth every penny! Thank you, Karolyn! Hope to work with you again in the future.”

-T. Melanson, US, 2022

“Thank you again for your time in editing my book. Karolyn is great and it was good working with her.”

-D. Holder, US, 2022

“Trust me, you want to work with Karolyn.”

-Refael Paz, Israel, 2022

“Excellent and thorough work. Good communication.”

-Liam F., Israel, 2022

“For reference, I am writing a nonfiction book under 75,000 words. I am not a grammar expert, nor a line or copy editor so I needed a lot of help. She found mistakes that I did not even know were mistakes in the first place. I took notes when she sent me her edits. She was very timely considering the workload. I am asking for her help in future self-published shorter works for sure. Worth every penny.”

-J.J. Bartel, US, 2022

“Wow, where do I start? It was a breath of fresh air to work with Karolyn. Her understanding of my needs was flawless and she provided them in a timely manner. In addition to giving me excellent pointers and suggestions, she researched the accuracy of the details in my work. She will definitely be my go-to person for future work.”

-Z. Twersky, US, 2022

“She did a wonderful job editing my legal ebook. I was concerned no one would understand the content well enough to edit, but she did. She also inserted graphics, helped format it, and made the book easy to read and access.”

-Jessica Brylo, US, 2022

“Excellent professional! I would strongly recommend her services to everyone!”

-Ettore Piroso, US, 2022

“Well beyond and above my expectations, she is efficient, reliable and knowledgeable. Furthermore, she posses a unique ability to capture the author's ideas and translate them into a narrative easy to read and follow. I highly recommend Karolyn!”

-Ettore Piroso, US, 2021

“I really enjoy working with this editor. Her comments and suggestions have greatly improved my manuscript. I plan to work with her on future stories and poems for children.”

-Donna, US, 2021

“She was very thorough and even helped uncover some story plot gaps that I had. I will certainly be using her services in the future!”

-J. Owen, US, 2021

“This editor is very fast and efficient. I highly recommend her for your next project.”

-Donna, US, 2021

"Karolyn was wonderful to work with and even assisted with a few items that were not mentioned in the gig. I would recommend her and I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

-Adam C., Canada, 2021

“Karolyn is a beast at what she does. I was recommended by my soror/ college peer to use Miss Karolyn to edit my poetry manuscript. She was very informative and helpful when it came to me not knowing things about self-publishing. I am so glad I was recommended to her and I will be returning for more editing! Highly recommended.”

-C.M. Seabrook, US, 2021

“Karolyn is absolutely the best hands down. She is very experienced in her craft and I will definitely use her again on future projects.”

-T. Faniel, US, 2021

“If I could give 10 stars I would. Working with Karolyn was the absolute best. I am a first time author and had no clue where to start. She helped me tremendously through the process. She is very thorough with her work and her feedback is phenomenal. She welcomes and answers all questions and will even provide resources when needed. I will definitely be working with Karolyn again in the near future on new work. Thank you for all your help.”

-T. Faniel, US, 2021

“Karolyn is amazing. I hired her to work on a non-fiction manuscript and her work far exceeded my expectations. She is a skillful editor and great to work with. In hardly anytime at all, she flawlessly edited my manuscript and did a tremendous job with interior formatting. Karolyn has amazing technical ability but what impressed me the most was her encouragement, thorough feedback, and kindness. I would highly recommend! I highly recommend.”

-F. Flores, US, 2020

“Karolyn's expertise and personal commentary have taken two manuscripts from the raw material stage to being polished and professional finished products. Best of all, she has managed to do this while still honoring my unique voice. I think I'm a much better writer for having had the chance to work with her. Very much recommended.”

-Mark Hunter, US, 2020

“Great person, professional, kind, understanding, great job, knows what she is doing. Best editor A+”

-Harold James, US, 2020

“Very happy. Easy to work with and helpful. Would recommend.”

-M. Heron, UK, 2020

“Great results as always!”

-Jamie, Canada, 2020

“Karolyn has been so awesome! After publishing my book the first time and working with people who did not care, she has been a breath of fresh air! She is literally awesome and when people ask for suggestions on who should edit their book I will send them to her!”

-C. Bovill, US, 2020

“Met my expectation in all ways and she paid attention to details. Great to work with for sure and I'd definitely recommend.”

-B. Olaniran, US, 2020

“Karolyn did a great job with our children's adventure story! She professionally and carefully edited the text and made it much more catching.”

-A. Suziova, Russia, 2020

“I've employed Karolyn twice to edit my novel manuscripts. On both occasions, Karolyn combed over every word to find plot inconsistencies and ideas for improvement that I would never have noticed, to say nothing of how well she polished my grammar. I could not be more grateful or recommend anyone higher for the job of book editor.”

-Joseph D., US, 2020

“Karolyn is incredibly dependable, punctual, and skilled. I would recommend without hesitation!”

-Skip Johnson, US, 2020

“Thank you for your quality work." "Great work as usual!”

-Jamie, Canada, 2019-2020

“Great ongoing collaboration. Karolyn is extremely professional, pleasant, pro-active and research thorough. She gives more than expected. A pleasure to work with her on my book.”

-Armelle C.; US, 2019

“Karolyn delivered on time! Her professional editing skills were completed with excellence and grace. Hiring Karolyn was undoubtedly the best investment I made in publishing my book. I am very pleased with the end product and will return to her whenever I write to be published.”

-Bill Fix, ThD; US, 2019

“Karolyn was patient and professional, all future copy editing work I need done in the future will be done with her.”

-Chris, US, 2019

“She is so professional, so much editing for the price and very good at her craft. Knows her stuff.”

-Jill, US, 2019

“She was super fast and gave me lots of feedback! She is an excellent editor to work with!”

-A. D. Olsen, PsyD; US, 2019

"Really easy communication and no doubt that she had the best interests of the project in mind from day one. Tremendously helpful., and I will be back." "I bought this gig based on a great experience working with her on my ebook, and I wasn't disappointed. Really fast for the quality of the work and I'll be back."

-Mark Hunter, US, 2019

“Karolyn has been excellent to work with. I've heard many horror stories from authors working with editors and I can say Karolyn has been a pleasure. I will definitely be hiring her again in the future.”

-Steve C., US, 2019

“Easy to work with and prompt as promised! Will work with again.”

-John, US, 2019

“Presented quality work and delivered it in a timely manner. Thanks!”

-Leva, Lithuania, 2018

“5 stars as always. This is the second experience with her. She is expert, professional, and honest. I loved working with her. Good luck Karolyn.”

-W. Alruwaili, US, 2018

“Great person to work with, will definitely use again. Try her out, you will not be disappointed.”

-Harold J., US, 2018

“Amazing services! Would love to work with you again!”

-Akira Olsen, US, 2018

“Karolyn does a great job editing and cleaning up my writing. Where she really excels is reviewing for clarity. Karolyn brings a fresh perspective that makes things clear and concise. She will definitely be part of my review process in the future!”

-Tom Henricksen, US, 2018

“It was brilliant. Very patient and knew her stuff. And kept me posted in all she done. I highly recommend Karolyn to anyone looking to have their work made ready for publishing. And will contact her again for my next book. Thank you for a rewarding experience.”

-Margaret W., UK, 2018

“I employed Karolyn to edit my 92,000-word novel manuscript. In a few weeks, Karolyn managed to comb over every word, finding plot inconsistencies and idea for improvements that I would never have noticed, to say nothing of how well she polished my grammar. I could not be more grateful or recommend anyone higher for the job. Thank you!”

-G.A. Dazio, US, 2018

“Wonderful experience, the seller is really passionate in what she does and carefully examines the documents. I know I will be working with her in the future as well. I would recommend highly.”

-Anesh P., Canada, 2018

"Can't say less than 'Perfect'! Thanks."

-Moody, Canada, 2018

"Money well spent. I am so pleased with the feedback, editing and process. I will definitely buy again and highly recommend Karolyn H. Thank you!"

-Abigail C., US, 2018

“Karolyn did an awesome job editing and proofreading my E-Book The Happiness Routine. She is extremely professional and communicating with her was always a joy. Her feedback about style, consistency and word choice took my book on a whole new level and gave it the right tone. All in all this was a wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to sending her my new book for a complete overhaul.”

–Ed Holz, Germany, 2017

“Swiftly and at a very reasonable cost, Karolyn turned my mess into great readability. She is a magician who silences the grammar police and turns criticism into praise. Quick, efficient and a pleasure to work with, Karolyn is most highly recommended by me (pity she can’t clean this up before you read it).”

–Michael Smorenburg, South Africa, 2017

“This is simply outstanding work. As an inspirational author, my choice of words, choice of font, the format, all come together to make for an inspirational experience; and that great experience is exactly what my readers will get after this excellent editing. THANK YOU!”

–Skip Johnson, US, 2017

“Just finished going through your book edits. Amazing job, it looks ten times better.”

–Bryan Wheeler, US, 2017

“The most profound proofreader and editor I have ever tried. Perfect work and fast delivery!”

–Patrick Seitz, Spain, 2017

“Great work! Will be back for more! Thank you for your hard work and quick turnaround.”

–Paul Corrado, US, 2017

“Karolyn is very professional and did an amazing job. I can definitely recommend buying her services. Thanks again so much for your help.”

–Maria, UK, 2017

“Incredible editor! I always go to her for my writing revisions. Always delivers on time and the revisions are really high quality. Strongly recommend!”

–Pedro, US, 2017

“Wow, Karolyn went above and beyond! This is my second time using her services and I could not have been happier!”

–Paul Corrado, US, 2017

“Worked together many times before and will continue to work together! As always, great quality work and impressive timing.”

–Pedro, US, 2017

“Excellent work! Price-performance not comparable! Thank you so much!”

–Marc, Canada, 2017

“Precise, fast and accurate, couldn’t ask for more.”

–Michele, Spain, 2016

“Top Notch as usual! Karolyn is really the best editor I have ever worked with, she is a real person, not a company, you will have a direct and pleasant work relationship with her. Highly recommended.”

–Luca, Malaysia, 2016

“Definitely five-star feedback. Quick, professional and pays attention to the details.”

–Nimrod, Israel, 2016

“Fantastic work, Exceeded my expectations!”

–Stephen Schab, US, 2016

“Working with Karolyn was a great experience. She took the time to completely understand the requirements for the project and delivered on time. Very satisfied and will use her again in the future.”

–Byron Ford, US, 2016

“Karolyn was outstanding to work with – her skill set was excellent and she always responded quickly. She submitted her work in a timely manner and contributed a great deal to the ArtsAnywhere project. I would highly recommend her for any project.”

-Laura Humbert, US, 2016

“Karolyn is really careful about every document I give her. I have cooperated with her for a long time for nearly 30 papers and essays from students and friends.”

–Chaon, China, 2016

“Amazing service, and great final product! Karolyn was very easy to work with, and answered all of my questions. I will definitely hire her again in the future.”

–Derron, US, 2016

“Karolyn is highly professional and I’m really happy to collaborate with her. Every aspect of my text (spelling, grammar, word order and vocabulary) was carefully reviewed and, as the result, I have the perfect English text!”

–Mico, US, 2016

“Karolyn is very professional. She has a keen eye and the work is on time, or early. I have written a series of books and her assistance has been vital to my work. Karolyn, you always have my support as a client.”

–John S., UK, 2016

“Brilliant lady, very reasonable and very helpful. Thank you so much.”

–Paul Redmond, Ireland, 2016

“The work was done very professionally! I recommend Karolyn to everyone who needs high quality editing! “

–Andy, US, 2016

“Thanks for all your hard work and for surpassing my expectations.”

–Freddy, US, 2016

“Very good, fast, responsive and accurate. She puts love in her work, highly recommended.”

–Luca, Malaysia, 2016

“I can always count on her to deliver outstanding work. She actually has raised my expectations on what to expect from proofreaders and editors.”

–Nahid, US, 2016

“As an ESL speaker, my written English is, by all means, rather horrible. I knew I needed someone to help me edit and proofread my eBook. Karolyn did the job perfectly! She got the work done before the promised date, and her work was professional and impressive! I will definitely use her again!”

–Minna Wong, US, 2016

"Karolyn has always been very fast, and very responsive, not hesitating to ask precisions, when my writings weren’t sufficiently clear. A seriousness that I’ve always appreciated!"

–Lawrence Herbert, France, 2016

“Karolyn worked fast and efficiently, making all the improvements my short story needed, and all in time, respecting the deadline she had proposed and promised. I recommend working with her. I know I’ll use her services again in the future for my next texts!”

–Lawrence Herbert, France, 2015

“Great job. After I had trouble with another editor, Karolyn re-did the job for me top notch! Completed as promised! Highly recommended! She will be my regular editor from here on in!”

–Robert Fetner, US, 2015