What clients are saying

"I've published seven books in the last three years with Karolyn as my editor. Karolyn's editing makes me look like a seasoned writer/pro. She is thorough, complete, and dependable. I have nothing but praise for her and strongly recommend her. You won't be disappointed."

-Michael P. Lyons, US, 2023

"As a writer, words are usually my thing, but when it comes to Karolyn, I am at a loss. I can't begin to describe how very, very talented she is or how extremely lucky I am to have found her! She is so thorough, so professional, so responsive, so organized, so timely, and so, so knowledgeable! The list goes on and on. This is the second book I've written, and I only wish that I had found her sooner. She really knows her stuff, and she doesn't miss a beat. My work is safe in her hands because I know that she is going to only make it better. I can't think of a single thing she could do to improve. Flawless! Thank you, Karolyn! You are a star!"

-H. Kaplan, US, 2023

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